Privacy Policy

This platform provides customized tools and information that help users recognize and manage symptoms related to addictions and mental health. If you use this platform you will be asked for some anonymous personal information. As you proceed through the program you will be asked for other information specific to your progress.

The following outlines the type of information we collect, how it is used, and describes our Privacy Policy regarding the use of this data.

What Kind of Information Is Collected and Why?
  • Gender: some materials are gender specific and are based on success strategy research.
  • Age: some of the feedback we provide you is based on how your age relates to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  • First name: this program personalizes your answers and creates a program that is specific to you. Please do not use your last name. To protect your anonymity, we suggest that you use a nickname or an alias.
  • Email ID: Your Email ID are only used as part of your sign-in process, or to send you community updates if you select that option. We do not sell email addresses. Because email addresses may contain information that can potentially identify you we suggest that you use a free, anonymous address.
  • Data Specific to Your Mood and Personal Progress: This data is only used to provide you with personal feedback and customized plans.

We do not ever sell or share email addresses, names, or addresses to third parties and we will not contact you with any marketing offers or spam.

How Is This Data Used?
  • This data will be used to create your personal program.
  • Your data will be grouped with other people's data so we can understand how to improve the platform for other users.
  • General, anonymous information will be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of our platform for culturally diverse and international-based group of individuals.
  • Your data will be used to collect anonymous efficacy and clinical data that is used in validating the effectiveness of this software platform by professional researchers.
  • We have never, nor will be ever, sell email identification, names, or addresses with third parties.
Your Involvement in a World-Wide Treatment Community

This platform is unique in that it allows you to easily and anonymously become an active member of a worldwide, ongoing CBT program.

This platform has continually evolved since its first launch in 2000. Research data gathered on the tens of thousands of members has only been reviewed on the basis of population and has only been scientifically analyzed by Evolution Health Systems and its advisors. No personal data has been, or will ever be, sold.

Your personal involvement in a world-wide community overcoming mood disorders will help future generations as we continually upgrade and improve this program and publish outcome data in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Your opinion and support are valuable to us. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.